Range-Based Choirs

The Valley View choral program is built on the philosophy that range-based choirs are one of the most effective ways to introduce young adolescents to singing. Both boys and girls typically experience the most dramatic change in their voices during the middle school years; a wealth of research highlights the many benefits of range-based choir experiences during this time.  Our choirs by grade are as follows:

6th grade: Mixed choir (all students)

7th grade:  Soprano/Alto choir, Tenor/Bass choir

8th grade: Soprano/Alto choir, Tenor/Bass choir, Chamber Choir (mixed)

We are proud of the outstanding tradition of Soprano/Alto and Tenor/Bass choirs at Valley View and equally pleased to offer opportunities for all students to perform high-quality mixed repertoire.

The links on this page are included for parents and colleagues as resources on the topic of range-based choral music education. Feel free to contact one of the Valley View directors for more information.

Links to Resources: